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End Of The Rainbow [Mar. 9th, 2011|11:07 am]

They always talk about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but somehow they forget to mention there is a dragon guarding it.

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Marcel on EBSQ [Mar. 2nd, 2011|10:49 am]
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marcelB.jpg - by Melia Dawn Newman from Paris art exhibit
This is the painting I entered in the EBSQ exhibit "Paris". Go check out all the cool art, they have opened voting up for the people's choice awards.
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Fairy Cat's Gift Watercolor Painting [Nov. 14th, 2009|02:21 am]
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A bit of fairy art - Original watercolor 5x7"
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K's Halloween Bento [Oct. 29th, 2009|09:18 pm]
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Halloween Bento
My other creative endeavor is making my daughter fun lunches. I though I would share her special Halloween Lunch with you all.
First is the Green Hairy Monster. I made a layer of cauliflower and topped that with brocolini and then nested 2 small chocolate eyeballs in it.
Then the Orange jack-o-lantern was actually very easy. I made light cuts in the skin and then peeled the pieces off.
The tombstone is made from tuna salad and an english muffin and the RIP is cut from a sheet of Nori and is on a bed of lettuce.
And the skull is a rice ball and I used the nori to make the eye and nose sockets.
And just to keep them in season, I am calling the red grapes blood clots.
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Impatient Dragon [Aug. 10th, 2009|02:42 am]
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"]Dragon with laptopThis week's Illustration Friday theme is Impatient. The design for this drawing was suggested by my son who is about to go off to college to study computer animation. This little dragon is impatient for the computer to load.

Prints of this image are of course available. And of course back to school products can be found at cafepress and zazzle featuring this fun drawing. And if you don't mind taking the time to rate the design on zazzle I would appreciate the feedback.  And of course the original is on etsy.
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New Dragon Drawing - bubbles, pipes and potions [Jun. 15th, 2009|12:28 pm]
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popdragonb1This was fun. This ink drawing was inspired by a drawing in my sketchbook that I did over a year ago. I took the basic dragon form and his bottle of potion, and for the final ink drawing I added the nifty steampunk-ish pipe system to the background.
This guy is currently available on etsy and fun t-shirts and gifts featuring this drawing are at cafepress. If you want the original, you better snap it up quick, because I am seriously thinking of sending this drawing to armadillocon this year.
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Car Wreck [Jun. 6th, 2009|12:39 am]

The boy wrecked my car today.  I must say, I am not that bad of a mother, because he is still alive. 

We have decided that as soon as he gets a job, he can pay us back for the repairs.  And until then hecan clean house when he is not job hunting. 

It wouldn't have hurt so much if I hadn't already spent around $300 on HIS car making sure that it was in good working order and paying taxes on it.  Then we just sent off the money for the deposite for his birthday bash.   And all this after our cash was already depleted from paying for his dental surgery, which his father STILL hasn't paid his share of.   Probably all the money spent on him and his car the last couple of weeks would have covered it.  Why or why couldn't he have waited just 10 more days for payday. 


I might need to run a sale on my stuff in etsy in order to try and pay for this in the short term.  Anyone wants some art?  feel free to make an offer.  It appears I need around $1k ASAP.


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Work In Progress - Fairy Cats - In Acrylic this time [May. 25th, 2009|11:00 pm]

Well, I rather liked the watercolor version, but I thought that if I did the painting in acrylic (My usual medium), that I might be able to get some more intense colors.
So here is stage 1 of my attempt at acrylic on watercolor paper of my fairy cats. At this point I have done a pencil sketch of the drawing and then a mottled wash of purple, blue and yellow. Then I went back and penciled in some of the lines that washed away. Next step will be to start blocking in the main colors.
I just need to decide what colors I want to make the kitties this time.
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Butterfly Mask [May. 23rd, 2009|11:38 pm]

This is an unusual shaped canvas and a fairy large size at 10x30" I just listed it on etsy.
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Work In Progress - Fairy Cats [May. 22nd, 2009|01:05 pm]


Here we have the painting with the background painted and me having started a bit on the underpainting of the grass.

If you wish to see the other work In Progress photos for this image, check out my homepage blog.
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